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Internet Maturity and the 4 Cs of the 21st Century Education

If you have ever been curious about the future of education and tried to look on the Internet about what's happening around the world on the topic, then you must have come across "4 Cs of the 21st century education" quite often! These are the most agreed upon learning-goals which students in any new education system must achieve. They are:

Information Overload is a Bad Side-Effect of Online Learning

Information overload is a phenomenon that occurs when an individual receives too much information at once and is unable to process it effectively. This can lead to feelings of confusion, stress, and frustration, and can ultimately hinder the learning process. In the context of online learning, information overload can occur when students are required to digest large amounts of information in a sh ...

Who is an 'information junkie'? Are you one?

An "information junkie" is a person who has an insatiable appetite for information, and seeks out new and diverse sources of information constantly. This can manifest in various ways, such as constantly checking news websites, social media, or forums for updates and new information, subscribing to multiple newspapers or magazines, or spending hours watching documentaries or listening to ...

Why must teachers learn Digital Citizenship and Internet Maturity skills?

Technology is increasingly being used in classrooms and schools, so teachers need to be proficient in using the digital tools and effectively incorporate them into their lessons and assignments. Teachers who are able to effectively use technology in the classroom may have an advantage in terms of job opportunities and promotions, as schools are looking for educators who are able to use techno ...

What are Netiquettes?

Netiquettes are a critical part of your online reputation! The word "Netiquette" refers to the etiquette or manners that must be followed when communicating on the Internet. It encompasses a wide range of behaviors and practices that are considered appropriate and respectful when interacting with others online. 

Criminals Love Social Media! But Why?

Criminals love social media because it is so easy for them to find their victims! to plan a crime such as robbery, kidnapping, rape, murder etc, they don't need to do anything except observing people's posts on facebook or instagram, where some people would themselves reveal their whereabouts, physical locations, travel plans, financial status etc. Social media provides criminals with ...

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