Reports & Publications on
Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity Education

Digital Citizenship Education - Overview and new perspectives
by Council of Europe

Digital Citizenship Education Handbook - Being online, Well-being online, Rights online
by Council of Europe

Advancing AI-Supported Global Digital Citizenship Education
by UNESCO & Shanghai Open University

Skills for a Digital World
by Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

Digital Citizenship Recommendations
by Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, Washington, USA

Digital Citizenship Education in Saskatchewan Schools
by Govt of Saskatchewan, Canada

Fostering Digital Citizenship through Safe and Responsible Use of ICT

Child Online Protection in India

Children in a Digital World

The Deloitte Global Millennial Survey 2019
by Deloitte

Public Health Implications of Excessive Use of the Internet, Computers, Smartphones and Similar Electronic Devices
by World Health Organization

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