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The Digital Citizenship Primer EVERY Student Needs: Become an iMature Student

Raghu Pandey’s book 'Become an iMature Student' is the digital citizenship primer every student needs. The book covers a wide variety of topics... [It] is an excellent book full of much needed information...The book is easy to read. The book follows Arjun on his quest to become an iMature student and earn the top award at his school. Each chapter ends with a bullet point review and points to think about. I highly recommend this book for Technology Directors, Technology Specialists and Teachers as a quick reference guide to what students need to know to be successful on the internet...

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Aimee Bartis, on
a veteran teacher and an Educational Technology Specialist in Texas

Become an iMature Student - A Book On Internet

Computer users having internet connection are most of the time restricted to the Social Media like "Facebook" or just reading E-mails received. Here is a book for them to teach all the details on the subject. Author Raghu Pandey (an Expert on Internet) has spent more than 18 months in preparing this book to make us understand the subject in the most simple and easy way. This is a book for all!... I am a regular reader of all the varieties of books on Literature, Science, History, Psychology and Religion. I have written many book-reviews also. But, here, after reading this book again and again, I am speechless. I could not right words to praise and appreciate this book. Simply great!

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Dr. Bharat Desai
Medical Director & Ophthalmologist, and Avid Blogger, Desai Eye Hospital, Bilimora, Gujarat.

Book Review- Become an iMature Student

Become an iMature Student’ is a comprehensive book on Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity. The explanation on Internet safety is being carried out with the help of conversation between two characters Arjun and Krish... This book is a step by step learning not only for beginners, but also for people who think they are experts in using the Internet.

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Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity Book

As the Principal of one of the largest schools in Bhopal, I am witnessing the role of Internet increasing exponentially in students' lives. Students have at their disposal, great distractions and great opportunities, in the virtual world of Internet. I believe it is critically important in 21st Century, that all students become Internet Mature. The book authored by Mr. Raghu Pandey - "Become an iMature Student" is the only comprehensive text I have come across in this domain. I highly recommend it to all students and even their parents. Every topic discussed in the book stands out as a compulsory skill for 21st century students.

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Mr. P. S. Kalra
Principal, Sarla Birla Public School, Ranchi

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