Acceptable Use Policy for Schools

You are welcome to download and implement this 'Acceptable Use Policy' in your school. It's completely free! To understand why every school must implement an AUP, please read the following blog article.

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A free to download Acceptable Use & Behaviour Policy created by for schools


How to Implement the AUP in Your School?

  1. Download the policy draft and replace the text '[SCHOOL NAME]' with the name of your school throughout the document.
  2. Request your school Principal to take a detailed look at the draft (especially at SECTION III) and edit it if required.
  3. After the Principal's approval, transfer the final contents to your school's letterhead.
  4. Ensure that every student, parent, teacher and staff gets a copy of this policy physically or through email.
  5. In case of physical copies, you must take back the signed document from every recipient. In case of emails, you must ask for reply to the email with this text - "I have read & understood the Acceptable Use Policy attached with the email. I agree to fully abide by it."
  6. After completing the AUP implementation exercise for the first time, signing the AUP document should be made a part of the admission formalities for new students and the recruitment formalities for new teachers.
  7. If visitors to your school, other than students & teachers, are allowed access to school's technology resources such as Wi-fi or computer lab etc, make sure they are compelled to agree to this policy, either on paper or online.

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