iMature Oath of Online Safety

iMature Oath of Online Safety

Everyone must read this oath aloud in presence of friends or family and also practice it in your daily digital life! This oath is based on the iMature Mantra of Online Safety. Therefore you must first understand the Mantra and then take the oath.

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  Part-1 : F.A.S.T  - Firewall, Antivirus, Strong Passwords, Trust with Caution
  1. Firewall is the gate keeper of my computer. I shall always keep the firewall of my computer up & running.
  2. Antivirus is the immune system of my computer. I shall never use my computer without an antivirus software.
  3. My antivirus software needs daily updates about new viruses. I shall turn-on the option of 'automatic updates' in its settings.
  4. Any hacker who tries to guess my passwords must suffer from headache. I shall keep strong passwords for my computer, my modem, my email, my social networking account, my online banking account... everything.
  5. Cyber criminals can wear masks and look like my friends. I shall never trust anybody easily on Internet.
  6. I shall always ignore the emails which talk about lottery, free gifts, super discounts, miracle medicines, donations etc. I shall mark them as spam immediately!
  7. I am not a kid who gets tempted by a lollipop. I shall never click on ads or links which offer me free screensavers, wallpapers, cool cursors, cool games etc.
  8. My personal information must remain personal. I shall only use reputed apps and websites and shall never install unknown apps or visit unknown websites.
  9. When I find a useful software on internet, I won't download it immediately. It can be a trojan! I will search about it on Google and read what others are saying about it.
  10. I shall download Freeware or Shareware ONLY from Trusted download sites like,, or
  11. I am not a fish. Nobody can fool me with a phishing attack. I shall never click on any link in an email or message which claims to be from my bank.
  12. When I want to do online banking or shopping, I shall open a new browser window... Select 'Private Browsing' option... Type the website address myself into the address bar, to open the website. After completing the task I shall logout and close the browser window.
  13. I shall never use my credit or debit card on a website which is not secure.
  14. I shall Never hesitate to approach the cyber crime cell of the local police department.
  Part-2 : C.A.R  - Confidence, Avoidance, Reporting
  1. Nobody can bully or threaten me on Internet. If someone does that, I will NOT reply in anger. I will NOT delete the messages in fear. I will confidently tell him or her to stop immediately.
  2. If the bully continues to trouble me, I will confidently report the matter to school/college management.
  3. If the threats are of serious kind, I will also report the matter to police.
  4. I want a pollution-free Internet. If I find any anti-social content on Internet, I will use 'Report Abuse' feature to complain to website administrator.
  5. I will not directly communicate with the person who has shared that anti-social content.
  6. If the content is seriously harmful for the society, I will not hesitate to approach the cyber crime cell of local police.
  Part-3 : Secret Location
  1. I shall keep myself and my family safe from online predators.
  2. I shall never share the address, phone number, or details of school/college of anybody in my family on a social networking site.
  3. I shall never upload any photos or videos which reveal the above information.
  4. I shall Never reveal my travel plans online.
  5. I shall Never accept invitations to events openly on Internet.
  6. I shall Never accept invitation from strangers to meet. If the meeting is necessary I shall go with an adult family member, never alone.
  7. I shall Never hesitate to approach the cyber crime cell of the local police dept.

Taken the iMature Oath of Online Safety? Great! Now encourage everyone in your family to take the oath. Spread the light :)

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