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Is Linkedin Useful for School Students?

Linkedin is considered indispensable for college students and professionals, but what about its utility for school students?

Many times we get to hear from people that linkedin is not useful for school students because they are not looking for jobs. But that's not true. Linkedin can be very useful for schools students too. Let's look at some use cases where school students can benefit from Linkedin:

  1. Connecting with professionals in their field of interest: LinkedIn can be a great way for school students to connect with professionals who work in the fields they are interested in. This can provide valuable insights and guidance as they begin to explore potential career paths.
  2. Finding internships and job shadowing opportunities: Many companies use LinkedIn to advertise internships and job shadowing opportunities. School students can use LinkedIn to search for these opportunities and get a head start on building their professional experience.
  3. Building a professional online presence: LinkedIn allows users to create a professional online profile, which can be a valuable asset for school students as they start to build their professional network. A LinkedIn profile can help school students stand out when applying for internships, scholarships, and other opportunities.
  4. Staying up to date with industry news and trends: LinkedIn has a wealth of articles and content related to various industries and professions. School students can use LinkedIn to stay informed about what's happening in their field of interest and get a sense of the types of skills and knowledge that are in demand.

Now you might be convinced that Linkedin is pretty useful for school students too, but making the best use of Linkedin is challenging for school students! Technically it's not different from using any other social website, like Instagram or Facebook, but there is a huge difference between social networking skills and professional networking skills! To develop good professional networking skills a student must learn the full stack of Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity skills. This will help the student to set a strong foundation for a useful professional network.


Professional networking is not about technical skills. It's about your attitude and soft skills!

The best strategy for school students on linkedin is to be real, be honest about who they are, not to pretend or fake anything, and be in the guidance seeking mode. By being real and honest about who you are and what you're interested in, you'll be more likely to attract genuine connections and opportunities. Faking or pretending to be something you're not can be easily spotted and may damage your credibility.

Seeking guidance is a valuable way to network. As a school student, you likely have a lot to learn and may not have much professional experience. That's okay! By seeking guidance and asking questions, you'll demonstrate your eagerness to learn and grow, which can be attractive to potential mentors or connections.

Always be open to new opportunities. By being honest and transparent about what you're looking for, you may discover new opportunities that you wouldn't have otherwise considered. For example, if you're open to internships or job shadowing experiences, you may be more likely to be approached by companies or professionals who are looking for someone with your skills and interests.


Good Luck! :)

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