10 Years of
Mission 'Internet Maturity'!

A bold initiative can make you a pioneer. We earned that badge in 2014. But thought leadership is a different ball-game. It's not established over a few weeks, months or even a couple of years. Decade is the right unit to measure it. We have recently qualified :)

Lack of Internet Maturity among students... that was the reason behind shutting down iBranch.in, Raghu Pandey's 1st edtech startup, and the motivation behind starting his 2nd one (now called iMature.in)
Started a Facebook Community page "Are You Ready for a 21st Century Job?", and released an eBook "10 Things You Must Know About 21st Century Jobs" for spreading awareness among students. That FB page is now called "Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity"
Organized a large scale awareness program on digital parenting, titled "21st Century Parents' Kit", for International Public School, Bhopal.
Collaborated with Swami Vivekanand Library to conduct a "Virtual Personality of the Month" Contest to raise awareness about 21st century skills
More than 1000 cups of lemon tea and coffee were poured into research & ideation on DCIM and writing a book on it, at Hotel Lake View Ashoka in Bhopal. For over 18 months, Raghu's attendance there was so perfect, that he was lovingly presented the Diwali gift box meant for the hotel staff (of course on the Diwali day itself, which wasn't a gap). Also, the spot shown below was officially named the "Idea Point" to acknowledge his obsessive regularity :)
Designed and released a free Curriculum Framework for teaching DCIM in Schools.
Published India's 1st book on Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity, "Become an iMature Student"
Delivered the keynote lecture on Internet Maturity to educators at the PSS Central Institute of Vocational Education on the occasion of Teachers' Day
Reached out to the edtech community in USA and got featured on GettingSmart.com
Proposed and facilitated the inclusion of DCIM in the curriculum of The Sanskaar Valley School, Bhopal
Wrote a special column for the Curriculum Magazine on Digital Citizenship education
Contributed our knowledge for the Digital Citizenship book "Team Savv-i - The 10 Secrets of Cyberspace", authored by Mr Casper Pieters, an Australian expert on Digital Citizenship education
Promoted the concept of DCIM at the Educational Leadership Conclave by EdTechReview at New Delhi and Bangalore
Reached out to the World Innovation Summit in Education (WISE) and got featured on their portal
Contributed our expertise for a column in Outlook Magazine (Hindi) for the critical issue of Net Neutrality in India
Designed and released free digital posters for spreading awareness on DCIM
Took initiative to propose and facilitate the inclusion of DCIM in the curriculum of the Billabong High School, Bhopal
Collaborated with Vidhigya to conduct a detailed workshop for School principals on Internet Maturity & Cyber Security, to enhance their capability of handling digital discipline issues in their schools.
Collaborated with EdTechReview to conduct a workshop for school Principals in New Delhi, to enhance their understanding of DCIM as a solution for solving digital discipline issues in schools.
Authored and published the 2nd edition of "Become an iMature Student" (still India's only book on the topic of DCIM)
Participated and contributed our DCIM expertise in the workshop for understanding the Blue Whale Challenge
Contributed our DCIM expertise and iMature Safety Mantra for the article on online safety in Free Press
We were chosen as the knowledge partner for the online safety awareness program of the State Cyber Police of MP. We created a bilingual booklet which was published and distributed by the State Cyber Police as printed booklets (10,000 copies) and eBook.
Presented our idea & work at the Startup Mahakumbh by Startup Space Station and got the 2nd prize
Created and launched a free draft of 'Acceptable Use Policy' for schools to maintain digital discipline among students.
Led the Master Trainers' training of 'Digital Citizenship & Internet Safety' program of UNICEF in MP and formation of their Special Advisory Group
Got the opportunity from the Hon'ble Governor of MP to conduct DCIM training in The Governor's House, for the children of the Hon'ble Governor's staff.
Presented our idea & work at CII Dream Startup Challenge and got the 2nd Prize
Presented our idea & work at Janhit Jagran and got the 1st prize in the city round
Took initiative to propose and form an Internet Maturity Counselling Cell at the State Cyber Cell of MP. It's purpose is to counsel children (below 18) who are cyber-crime accused.
Reached out to Nobel laureate Mr Kailash Satyarthi and raised the issue of cyber safety of children and lack of DCIM education.
Presented our idea & work at Economic times Power of Ideas contest as all India finalists.
Provided mentorship to a student, Kshitij Gotiwale, who created a campaign to petition the HRD ministry for Digital Citizenship education to all children
Created and launched an awareness video in Hindi on UNICEF's critical recommendation on online safety of children
Launched India's 1st online course on DCIM, titled "Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity - Basics"
Took initiative to propose and facilitate the inclusion of DCIM in the curriculum of the Sehwag International School, Jhajjar
Took initiative to conduct a special awareness program for media professionals to enhance their capability of reporting on digital issues. An awareness video was also released on the occasion.
Contributed our DCIM expertise in the special edition of "Paricharcha" show of Doordarshan dedicated to Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity
Collaborated with 'Mind Plus Life' to provide month-long training and certification to 8 psychologists from Bhopal, to enhance their capability of counselling for Internet related mental health issues.
Presented our idea & work at Tata Institute of Social Science (Mumbai) and got incubated at their Centre for Social Entrepreneurship
Presented our idea & work at the i5 Summit at IIM Indore as finalists of the all India startup competition.
Presented our idea & work at IIT Kharagpur as finalists of their Empresario event
Showcased the concept of DCIM at India's biggest mobile tech event "India Mobile Congress" at New Delhi
Showcased the concept of DCIM at one of the biggest science exhibitions of India, "India Science Festival" at Kolkata
Provided mentorship to a team of students and teachers of Bal Bhawan School, Bhopal, for their month long project "Towards Internet Maturity". Students created a lot of awareness content on Internet Maturity.
Contributed our DCIM expertise and the iMature Safety Mantra for the lead article in People's Samachar on cyber safety
Contributed our DCIM expertise for the lead article in Yougle edition of Dainik Bhaskar
Delivered a talk on the importance of DCIM education at the South Asia Conference on 'Social Enterprise – Values and Process' at TISS (Mumbai).
Presented our idea & work at Maharashtra State Innovation Society as one of the top 100 startups from India.
Authored and published a free eBook "10 Things You must Know About Online Learning" to help the students cope with the sudden pressure created after COVID lockdown
Created and launched a free phone-based helpline for Digital Parenting
Created and launched an awareness video on Digital Transformation of Schools
Relaunched the online course with elements of gamification for better student engagement. Now titled "Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity Powers"
Released the updated version of the Open   Free Curriculum for teaching DCIM in Schools.
Conceptualised, designed and released a FREE Toolkit for schools to run a DCIM Club and get a first-hand experience of the subject before deciding to include it in curriculum.
 Since 2014...
Till date, we have scored over a century of workshops, seminars, talks and webinars on DCIM. We have spread the light of Internet Maturity to more than 10,000 students and 1500 teachers.
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And... we've just begun!

We are the pioneer and thought leader in the domain of 'Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity' education in India.


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