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Stop Using Linkedin like Facebook or Instagram!

People who cannot differentiate between Linkedin (a professional network) and Facebook or Instagram (social networks) are so immature!

They use Linkedin in the same casual way as they use facebook or instagram. It not just seems ridiculous but on a serious note it also hurts their career opportunities. First and foremost, LinkedIn is a professional network meant for business and career-related discussions, networking, and job search. It is not a platform for casual socializing or posting personal photos and updates. Facebook and Instagram are social networks where people connect with their friends and family, share personal photos and updates, and engage in casual conversations.

Using LinkedIn in the same casual way undermines the purpose of LinkedIn. Such immature behaviour can also hurt the career opportunities of people, as it sends a message to potential employers or business partners that they are not serious about their professional life. Employers are on Linkedin mainly to look for professionals who are diligent and serious about their work!


What are some online activities of people which are okay on facebook or instagram, but not acceptable on linkedin?

There are many online activities that are acceptable on Facebook or Instagram, but not acceptable on LinkedIn. Some examples include:

  • Posting personal photos or updates: While it is okay to post personal photos and updates on Facebook or Instagram, it is not acceptable on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a professional network and personal content may not be appropriate.
  • Engaging in casual conversations or gossip: Facebook and Instagram are platforms for casual conversations and gossiping with friends and family. However, LinkedIn is a professional network and such conversations may not be appropriate.
  • Sharing memes or funny videos: While it is okay to share memes or funny videos on Facebook or Instagram, it may not be appropriate on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a platform for professional discussions and such content may not be relevant.


How Digital Citizenship education can make children better at professional networking on Linkedin?

Digital citizenship & Internet Maturity education helps children understand the fundamentals of professional networking on Linkedin. It helps them to:

  • Understand the purpose of LinkedIn: Digital citizenship education can teach children the purpose of LinkedIn, which is a professional network for business and career-related discussions, networking, and job search. Read this article to know more about the purpose of Linkedin for school students.
  • Learn netiquette of professional networking: Digital citizenship education can teach children the importance of following proper netiquette while networking on LinkedIn. This includes using a professional tone, respecting others' opinions, and avoiding inappropriate or offensive content.
  • Learn about privacy: Digital citizenship education can teach children about privacy and the importance of protecting personal information while using LinkedIn. This includes not sharing personal information such as phone numbers or addresses, and not posting personal photos or updates.
  • Share professional content: Digital citizenship education can encourage children to post relevant and appropriate content on Linkedin. This includes sharing academic achievements, skills, project or internship experience, and participating in professional discussions.

The above points a relevant not only for children who are new to Linkedin, but also for thousands of adults who act like children on Linkedin :) Therefore everyone needs to become Internet mature!

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