Welcome to iMature Parents Helpline!

Before calling us, please read carefully below what to expect  and what NOT to expect from iMature Helpline, along with the disclaimer.

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 What to Expect from iMature Helpline?

We only offer suggestions or solution-approaches for problems related to children/students aged between 12-19 years, and only in the following areas:
  • Making the best use of Internet in education & learning.
  • Making the best use of Internet to get ready for the future career.
  • Staying safe from external threats of Internet.
  • Avoiding internal risks such as addiction, bad online reputation, disorientation due to bad online influence (anti-social content, gambling, pornography, self-harm content etc).
 What NOT to Expect from iMature Helpline?
  • We cannot offer suggestions or solutions for any parenting problem other than the ones listed under 'What to Expect from iMature Helpline'.
  • We cannot offer suggestions or solutions for technical problems related to any device, app, software, website etc.
  • We cannot offer suggestions or solutions related to Internet issues of children younger than 12 yrs and older than 19 yrs.

The free helpline service offered by iMature.in, does not guarantee a solution to your problem. Our helpline team, in consultation with our panel of experts, can only suggest possible solutions to your problem. We do not claim that our proposed solution or approach is the best or the most effective option for you to act upon. We cannot get involved in the implementation process, or by any way ensure that the solution gets properly implemented by the help seeker. We do not maintain any case-history, so every call is a new call for us. We may use the details of any case without using the name of the help seeker or names of his/her family members, for educational purposes.

We are the pioneer and thought leader in the domain of 'Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity' education in India.


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