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Stop Using Linkedin like Facebook or Instagram!

They use Linkedin in the same casual way as they use facebook or instagram. It not just seems ridiculous but on a serious note it also hurts their career opportunities. First and foremost, LinkedIn is a professional network meant for business and career-related discussions, networking, and job search. It is not a platform for casual socializing or posting personal photos and updates. Facebook and ...

Internet is a Tool-Box, Not a Toy-Box!

A vast majority of children, after learning the ABC of the Internet (i.e. Basics of using the Internet), get stuck into an infinite loop of EFG of the Internet – Entertainment, Fun and Gossip! They consider Internet as nothing more than a toy-box full of entertaining stuff.

What are Netiquettes?

Netiquettes are a critical part of your online reputation! The word "Netiquette" refers to the etiquette or manners that must be followed when communicating on the Internet. It encompasses a wide range of behaviors and practices that are considered appropriate and respectful when interacting with others online. 
Raghu Pandey    

Free Posters on Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity

I know it’s a cliché but a picture is indeed... worth a thousand words. I realize this often during my workshops & seminars on DCIM. The slides containing visual messages get the most attention from the students and teachers. So I decided to convert some of those slides into posters to spread awareness about DCIM. You are welcome to download these FREE Posters on Digital Citizenship & ...
Raghu Pandey    

Internet Maturity - Critical for 21st Century Students

Education visionaries often say this to schools to remind us of our big challenge – “How will you prepare the children of Today, to solve the problems of Tomorrow, by teaching them the concepts of Yesterday?”. One of the most important factors of 21st century life (both personal & professional) is Internet. It has a big influence in our lives today, but it will have a much bigger influence & interference tomorrow. For our children, Internet can become a big strength ...

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