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What is Internet Maturity of an Organization?

Just like individuals, organizations are also Internet "users". Internet Maturity of an organization is reflected in its policies and approach towards dealing with business processes which involve use of Internet, as explained below.

1. Extent of official presence on Internet through its website, official pages on social media sites.
An Internet mature organization must have an official website with links to its official pages on other social sites like Facebook and Twitter.

2. Extent of use of online collaboration tools for better team-work among its employees.
An Internet mature organization must have a 'culture' of sharing information and knowledge online through proper collaboration tools like email, forums, blogs etc (and NOT WhatsApp!). This is a bare minimum standard of productivity in the 21st century.

3. Maturity of organization's policies which regulate the online activities of its employees.
An Internet mature organization must have guidelines and policies for employees which clearly state what is the 'Acceptable Use' of IT infrastructure and 'Do's & Don'ts' for Internet use.

4. Extent of use of the Internet for Customer Relationship Management.
An Internet mature organization must use online CRM tools to let their customers reach them 24x7 for any issue. The relationship managers must also know how to manage good relationship with customers over online communities and forums.

5. Extent of use of Internet for selling the products and services of the organization.
An Internet mature organization must leverage e-Commerce or other tools to sell the services and products of the organization to the global market.

6. Outlook towards online reputation of the organization.
An Internet mature organization must take its online reputation very seriously. The online reputation of a company plays a very important role for people when they are making their buying decisions online.

7. Level of integration of the online and offline versions of the organization's business processes.
There are various business processes which are running through Internet and also offline through company offices/outlets (for example marketing, sales, CRM etc). An Internet mature organization must ensure that there is no disconnect between the online and offline version of the process.

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