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Internet Maturity - Critical for 21st Century Students

Education visionaries often say this to schools to remind us of our big challenge – “How will you prepare the children of Today, to solve the problems of Tomorrow, by teaching them the concepts of Yesterday?”.

One of the most important factors of 21st century life (both personal & professional) is Internet. It has a big influence in our lives today, but it will have a much bigger influence & interference tomorrow. For our children, Internet can become a big strength or a serious weakness. It can give them the best of opportunities or the worst of threats. Therefore INTERNET MATURITY is one skill which is absolutely essential for the personal welfare, quality of academics and career growth of students in 21st century. It enables them to:

1. Make the BEST use of Internet in education.
2. Avoid the negative effects of Internet.
3. Get ready for a 21st century career.


People often confuse ‘Internet Mature’ with ‘Internet Savvy’. The truth is that even the most savvy students behave in immature way on Internet and face serious consequences. Regardless of the economic/social background or geographic location of a student, it is a dire need in India to include Internet Maturity in the curriculum of schools and colleges. The top 5 reasons are...

#1 An Internet Mature student can take the maximum benefit of Internet in his/her education. Internet is the biggest source of knowledge and learning-tools. But majority of students are unaware about their existence. Students must become aware about those resources, and learn the best way to utilize them.

#2 Without ‘Internet Maturity’ a student’s education would be called incomplete by 21st century standards. Thats because ‘Media Literacy’ has emerged as a critical part of education in 21st century.It includes skills for creating, combining and sharing digital content for various purposes. It also includes skills for finding out relevant & trustworthy knowledge resources from the ocean of information called the Internet.

#3 An Internet Mature student has the ‘License’ to use Internet. If a teenager knows how to drive a bike/car, it does not mean he or she is mature enough to drive on the main roads. Similarly, if a person knows how to operate a computer, does not mean he or she is mature enough to use Internet actively. Becoming Internet Mature, makes a student street-smart and world-wise by 21st century standards.

#4 Majority of the students are ignorant about online safety-risks, legal problems, reputation issues, and addiction problems. It is critical that they learn to avoid all those risks.

#5 Internet is a critical part of professional life in the 21st century. All the points mentioned above are important for becoming a mature professional. You know... ‘Survival of the FITTEST’! Therefore, ‘Internet Maturity’ creates a strong foundation for the 21st century career of the student.

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