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11 Questions Every Digital Parent Must Answer

This blog post is about questions. Only questions. The questions which should concern every digital parent. The questions which determine the future of a 21st century child…


1. What if your child doesn’t understand the proper way of sharing digital content on Internet?
(text, documents, images, presentations, videos etc which can be shared online.)

2. What if she doesn’t understand licensing concepts related to digital content?

3. What if your child doesn’t learn the mature way of social networking (on Instagram, Facebook etc.)?

4. What will your child lose if he doesn’t learn the mature way of professional networking (Linkedin)?

5. What if you child doesn’t learn the skills of effective forum discussions?

6. What if your child doesn’t learn the art of smart blogging?

7. What if your child doesn’t learn smart searching skills?

8. What if your child doesn’t learn the art of self-learning through OCWs (Open Coursewares) and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)?

It’s not even worth a question, but nevertheless…
9. What if your child doesn’t learn what all kinds of online threats exist, and how to protect herself from those?

10. What if your child is ignorant about the ethics of online world?

11. What if your child doesn’t know how to create a positive online reputation?


It’s easy to give a common answer to all the above questions “Oh… that would be really bad”. That’s a concerned parent talking. But, to be a successful digital parent, you should be able to give informed answers too! To give you an analogy, lets say we are talking about the skills of travelling alone. So one question I could ask is ‘What if your child doesn’t learn how to book tickets?’. Since you are an experienced and a well-informed traveller by now, you’ll give answers like “He’d always be dependent upon some agent to book tickets” or “He might be forced to pay extra for last minute bookings” or “He will have to reschedule his travel plans very often” etc. Those are well-informed answers. And that’s exactly what you should be able to do for each of the above 11 questions.

We are going to launch a free eBook "A Quick Guide to Digital Parenting" on 25th Aug'20 for digital parents which will help them answer these questions with clarity. Let us update you as soon as it launched by registering here.



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