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Why Telecom Companies Must Promote Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity

Telecom sector in India is transitioning from being voice driven to data driven. What this means is that initially (1990s to 2010) majority of usage and hence revenues for telecom companies came from voice calls and today it comes from data services. Even voice calls are being delivered over data channels. 

The consumers are now consuming a lot of data for watching and sharing multimedia content through Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube and hundreds of other web based services. 
Majority of the data gets consumed by the youth. And, It’s no secret that as the Internet usage by the child goes UP... the comfort, confidence and goodwill of parents regarding telecom services go DOWN! They get worried about the excessive use of Internet by their child for obvious reasons, and they discourage him or her, or even impose certain curfews.

So, dear telecom companies… Your paying customers often discourage your end users! And that’s why you should get worried about this situation. You might think that its an unavoidable trade-off, but its not :)

You CAN maximize both… Data consumption by students AND Respect and goodwill of their Parents! The solution is to promote DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP & INTERNET MATURITY among your customers. Its simple…

Make students Internet Mature, 
then parents will feel confident for sure,
and the family will consume more data, HAPPILY!


You can take help in designing your campaigns from our Open Curriculum Framework for Schools for Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity.



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