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What is Online Grooming? Why is it Dangerous for Children?

This process often involves a predator posing as a child or teenager themselves in order to gain the trust of the child, and can take place on a variety of platforms including social media, gaming sites, chat rooms, and forums. Once the predator has established a relationship with the child, they will often try to elicit personal information, photos or videos from the child, and may even try to ar ...

Criminals Love Social Media! But Why?

Criminals love social media because it is so easy for them to find their victims! to plan a crime such as robbery, kidnapping, rape, murder etc, they don't need to do anything except observing people's posts on facebook or instagram, where some people would themselves reveal their whereabouts, physical locations, travel plans, financial status etc. Social media provides criminals with ...
Raghu Pandey    

8 Threats Your Child WILL Face Online

Before you start reading the list below, ask yourself “How many online threats or risks am I aware of? How much harm can those online threats do to my child?”. Don’t think beyond a minute because we only need to check how many threats are on top of your mind.

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