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Why You Must Have a DCIM Club in Your School or College

DCIM Skills are a set of skills which empower a student to do 2 things:
1. Make the most productive use of the Internet for education & career, and
2. Stay safe from the 8 serious threats & risks of the Internet.


Students which possess DCIM skills (i.e. who are Internet mature) are a big asset for any school or college! And why is that so? Let's try to understand. In the post-pandemic world, the 3 highest digital priorities for an educational institute are:

1. Having an excellent online reputation of the institute.

2. Having a high level of Digital Discipline in the institute, thus ensuring a safe digital environment for all students & teachers.

3. Maintaining high quality in online classes, webinars and other online learning activities of students. 


The excellent online reputation is created by regularly sharing good & relevant digital content (blogs, videos etc) on the institute's website and social media pages. The high level of digital discipline is established through an effective implementation of an 'Acceptable Use Policy' in the school or college. The high standard of quality in online education & learning activities is maintained by providing skills for effective online learning to students and effective online teaching to teachers.


The skills needed in students & teachers to do all those things are collectively called the Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity (DCIM) skills. And, these skills must be possessed by not just a handful of students & teachers, but the majority of them!


How can all the students & teachers be given DCIM skills?

The most effective way to achieve that is to make DCIM a regular subject with classes on a weekly basis. That would require a committment from the institute management to create space for DCIM in the time-table and also the willingness to spend on purchase of learning resources for students and training & certification of teachers. While it is highly recommended that a school or college must commit its time & money to making DCIM a regular subject, it can be seen as a long step by the institute management.

Let's break the long step into two short ones...

Here comes DCIM Club into the picture! It's a short 1st step towards achieving the 3 digital objectives mentioned above, with Little time committment and ZERO financial committment. We have explained Every step of starting and running the DCIM Club in this Easy-to-Follow toolkit! Doesn't it sound like the perfect thing to try out? 



10 Benefits of a Well-Run DCIM Club!

  • Improve your school's online reputation
  • Reduce your digital marketing costs to near zero
  • Boost your website's Google rank for free (SEO)
  • Create a highly skilled in-house social media team
  • Get loads of content for your school magazine
  • Ensure digital discipline among students
  • Protect your school from cyber-legal risks
  • Make your students better online learners
  • Earn lots of goodwill from the parents
  • Lay a strong foundation for your digital transformation


So, what are you waiting for? Download the toolkit now and begin the action!



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