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NEP, AI, & the Internet - The Toughest Exam for the Indian Schools!

Hello Dear School Leader,

Look around you. Does it feel like you are sitting in an exam hall right now? Are you experiencing an adrenaline rush or a faster heartbeat? if not, it means 2 things - either you are well-prepared for the exam or you don't realize there is an exam.


The world of school education is about to experience its biggest disruption in history.


The three transformational forces - the Internet, the NEP and AI - are now acting together on schools, and forcing them to change. That's the exam I am talking about! And, as a school leader, you don't have an option to skip it.


NEP+AI+Internet is the toughest exam for Indian schools! Failing it means extinction within few years. Passing it means survival. And excelling in it means your school becomes a leading 21st century school.


It can be the worst of the times or the best of the times for schools. Worst of the times if the school leaders & teachers are too rigid or slow to ADAPT to NEP+AI+Internet. Best of the times for schools which quickly ADAPT... becoming the new leaders and capturing the space vacated by some schools which will go extinct like dinosaurs.


Alright... so if this is an exam, then where is the question paper?

Here it is! 20 questions which will decide the fate of your school in the coming years.


Let all the members of the school leadership team answer these questions. This is an extremely effective way of planning the NEP readiness and the digital transformation of your school. If you want, iMature team can assess your answers and help you develop better plans. You can also get it assessed by any 21st century education expert in your network.


Good luck! May Charles Darwin be happy with you :)



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