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Digital Citizenship Week 2022 has Begun! Are You Celebrating?

What on earth is that?

On our earth, in some developed countries, schools celebrate the ‘Digital Citizenship Week’ in the 3rd week of October. So this year it starts from 17th to 21st October.


What do people do in this week?

All week long teachers and students do activities to highlight the importance of Digital Citizenship skills, such as...

  • Safe social networking
  • Effective professional networking
  • Smart online searching
  • Understanding copyrights and licenses
  • Avoiding plagiarism, fake news & articles
  • Blog writing skills
  • Staying safe from cyber criminals and bullies etc.
  • Being an ethical digital citizen
  • Creating a positive online reputation

And many more topics!


Why don’t we do such a thing in India?

Well, thanks to, we have started celebrating the Digital Citizenship Week in many schools of India. You too can start now! If you are a parent, you can organize a small community discussion around above topics. If you are a school, there is SO MUCH to do! Here are some suggestions:

  • Create a ‘DCIM Club’ in your school. Use our FREE Toolkit for schools to create their DCIM Club.
  • Organize a GD among teachers to discuss the DCIM Curriculum Framework.
  • Adopt an ‘Acceptable Use Policy’ to ensure digital discipline in the school. Here is a free draft for your school or college.
  • Plan ways to include DCIM in your curriculum.

That was just a hint. Explore our website. It’s full of resources on DCIM designed for you. You can get many ideas!

This is an opportunity for you to become a truly 21st century parent or school. Grab it :)


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