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TEN Years of Mission 'Internet Maturity'!

Sometime in September 2020 we completed TEN years of our mission 'Internet Maturity'! Yeah, thank you :)

I don't exactly remember the day it started because it wasn’t a happy or celebrated event. No ribbon or cake was cut. It was a silent beginning after a difficult end. I was shutting down my 1st startup in 2010, because of lack of activity by the 20,000+ students and teachers registered as our users. Almost all of them were daily active users of Facebook, Orkut and Yahoo chat etc. But less than 1% knew the productive use of blogs & forums which iBranch provided. 99% suffered from serious lack of “Internet Maturity”.

Huge problem. No books to learn from. No experts to talk to. No precedents to follow. No best practices. Totally unexplored domain. Huge opportunity!

So I began walking. Kept getting support from lot of excellent people, whom I shall mention in a separate blog post.

You’re welcome to...

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