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Launching the iMature Helpline for Parents

'Every Child Internet Mature'. That's the motivation with which was started in 2014. Since then, our team has interacted with more than 10,000 students, more than 2,000 parents and more than 1,000 teachers. We talked to them about the importance of Internet maturity, how it protects them and how it makes them successful. And we have also listened to their problems and challenges in the journey towards Internet maturity.


We have repeatedly received a large number of queries and solution-requests from parents, who experience daily challenges and struggles to make their child Internet mature. All parents are facing some level of red-zone issues with their children as shown in the graphic below. They are finding it hard to change the online behaviour of their child or student from the red zone to the green zone.


Two tablet computers showing transition from harmful to useful online behaviour for students


To help all such parents to overcome this novel challenge, is starting a Helpline for parents. The usual disciplining techniques which parents use, often fail to bring ‘digital discipline’ into the lives of their children. Our helpline will first try to understand your digital parenting challenge in detail. Then (probably in the next phone call) we shall present a solution to you which we would design in consultation with our DCIM experts. Our panel of DCIM experts include cyber psychologists, career experts (specializing in Industry 4.0), cyber safety experts, cyber lawyers, school counsellors and online reputation experts. Our core team too, has deep expertise in the domain of Digital Citizenship and Internet Maturity of children & youth.  


All parents are welcome to take advantage of the iMature Helpline. Please read carefully what to expect and what NOT to Expect from iMature Helpline, along with the Disclaimer, before using our service.

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