Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity for Students

Hello Digital Parent!
Here are 4 very important reasons for you to provide DCIM skills to your child. What's your top priority?

"I am very worried about my child's digital addiction. I want him/her to learn constructive use of Internet."

You should be! It's a serious digital pandemic globally. Imposing digital curfews on your child is NOT the solution. The internationally accepted solution is to Enroll the Child in DCIM Course. It replaces the negative or addictive online activities with constructive ones.

"I am very concerned about the online safety of my child. I want him/her to stay active but safe online."

It's indeed concerning! Everyday your child is exposed to 8 types of very serious threats & risks online. You MUST teach him/her how to stay safe from those. Enroll your child NOW into our foundation course.

"I want to give my child 21st century skills and make him/her ready for future career and life."

The biggest responsibility of a digital parent is to make the child Internet mature! Great that you realize it :) DCIM skills are the foundation of the critical 21st century skills such as online learning, online working, online safety and online reputation management. Create a strong digital foundation of your child. Enroll him/her NOW into our foundation course!

"I want to become a Digital Leader for my child. Through my own Internet maturity I want to make him/her Internet mature."

Awesome! The world seriously needs more parents like you :) An Internet mature parent is the best guide for a child on the journey to acquire DCIM skills. If you want to lead your child to Internet maturity, become Internet mature yourself. And that’s easy. Enroll yourself into our foundation course NOW!

Register your child NOW for our foundation course.
The best way to learn DCIM skills!

DCIM shown as a bulb in the head. Its a mindset.

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