Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity for Students

Hello Future Professional!
Here are four important reasons why a college student must learn Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity skills. What's your priority?

"I am passionate about starting my career in the industry of my choice. I want to make the best use of Internet to reach my goal."

If you are one of those students who are very choosy about the company or the job profile to start their career with, then life is a little more challenging for you. You may not get the opportunity of your choice through campus placements. You will have to design your online reputation and build a professional network to pull those opportunities. And for that, you must learn Internet Maturity skills!

"I want to go abroad for higher studies. I want to create an impressive online reputation to get selected by a great university."

If you are dreaming of pursuing your masters from a foreign university, then a good GRE/GMAT score is not good enough to guarantee you an admission. You must support your application with an excellent online reputation. And, to create that, you must learn Internet Maturity skills!

"I want to become a productive Work-From-Home Professional"

Got placed in a company? Congrats! The job requires Work From Home? Cool! But remember, your productivity as a #WFH employee will depend upon your Internet Maturity skills.

"I've been wasting a lot of time on my digital addiction. I want to learn the constructive use of the Internet."

First of all, congratulations! Very few students realize that! The best way to reduce the negative or addictive online activities, is by replacing them with positive ones. And, that will happen only when you learn the Internet Maturity skills.

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DCIM shown as a bulb in the head. Its a mindset.

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