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Request for teaching ‘Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity’ to my child.


My child is a student of grade in . I wish to request that should be taught the subject of 'Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity' with due importance. I strongly believe that DCIM education is the need of the hour for all students, as it makes them:
- better at online learning,
- prepared for online working in future, and,
- capable of staying safe online.

I am sure you would agree with the critical importance of above skills. As the first step, I humbly suggest you to consider the open & free curriculum for teaching DCIM in schools, designed by Implementing a DCIM program in your school can also support your sincere efforts to maintain ‘digital discipline’ among students (as explained in this video).

I urge you to kindly make Digital Citizenship education a priority. The future survival and success of my child and every other student depends a lot upon those skills.


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