Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity for Teachers

Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity Program for Teachers

Internet is the most powerful teaching & learning tool in the 21st century. Teachers who learn to control this tool and use it for their students' advantage will thrive and grow into great teachers. But the ones who do not evolve and stick to 20th century teaching methodologies will get replaced by technology, sooner or later! iMature can help you become a truly 21st century teacher.
Why is DCIM Critical for 21st Century Teachers?

To understand why Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity is a critical skill for 21st century teachers, watch this presentation.

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Learn DCIM Yourself

You can master the concepts of Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity yourself!

Get Personal Guidance from a Certified DCIM Expert

We have well-qualified experts who can guide you personally to become Internet mature and solve your doubts and queries.

Learn DCIM in Your School or College

We can work with your school or college to conduct DCIM programs at various levels.

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