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Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity are critical life skills which schools MUST TEACH to their students! can make your task really easy.

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Implement an Acceptable Use Policy, with steps 2 & 3 to ensure "Digital Discipline" in school!

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Positive Side Effects of DCIM Program in School

Reputation is everything for a School! Your online reputation depends directly on the online reputation of your students. DCIM program ensures that your students create a great online reputation for themselves and hence for the School too. No paid marketing campaign can do this for you! It also makes your School ready for 21st century education trends like flip teaching.

There are many who'll thank you!

Your Alumni will thank you for making their lives & career. The Parents will thank you for solving their huge parenting problem. The Cyber Police will thank you for reducing their policing burden. And The Government will thank you for strengthening the Digital India mission!

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