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Only an Internet mature graduate is ready for a 21st century career! Make your students employable with the Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity courses form

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Why Internet Maturity is Critical for 21st Century Graduates?

To understand why Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity is important for the growth and productivity for 21st century college students, watch this presentation.

10 Things to Know About 21st Century Jobs

To understand how critical it is for your students to acquire digital citizenship & Internet maturity skills, watch this presentation.

Positive Side Effects of DCIM Program in College

Reputation is everything for a college! Your online reputation depends directly on the online reputation of your students. DCIM program ensures that your students create a great online reputation for themselves and hence for the college too. No paid marketing campaign can do this for you! It also makes your college ready for 21st century education trends like flip teaching.
DCIM Curriculum for Colleges (Free)

Its not difficult to implement Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity program in your college! has made it even more easy by creating a Free & open curriculum framework for your use. You are welcome to download and use it in your college:

Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity Curriculum for Colleges (PDF)
DCIM Programs by
A workshop (60-90 minutes) conducted for students to make them understand the importance of Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity. Includes brief explanation of the 10 topics covered under DCIM.
A workshop (60-90 minutes) conducted for teachers to make them understand how Internet has changed the teaching-learning methods. Teachers will get to understand the key changes which have come in the 21st century education, such as 'Flip Teaching', OCWs, MOOCs etc.
A 1-day event which includes a students' workshop, a teachers' workshop and providing DCIM books for the library.
A full-fledged program to include Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity in the curriculum of all the grades in the school. It includes providing of study material, teachers' training, parents' orientation workshops, and all the hand-holding which is required to make the program successful in the school
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