Online Course - Digital Citizenship and Internet Maturity - Basic

Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity - Basics

Course Objective: To gain in-depth understanding of all the important topics of Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity. Thus utilize the power of Internet in education & career, while staying safe from its threats & dangers.
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DCIM Basics Chapter1
Chapter 1: Introduction: What is Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity?
This chapter will tell you what is the meaning of 'Digital Citizenship' and 'Internet Maturity' and why these are so important for you in the 21st century.
DCIM Basics Chapter2
Chapter 2: What is 'Web 2.0'?
This chapter will help you to visualize that today's Internet (Web 2.0) is all about 'User Generated Content' and 'User-to-User Networking'. It's the root of all issues & aspects of today's digital world. It's very different from traditional media (TV, newspapers, magazines).
DCIM Basics Chapter3
Chapter 3: Content Creation & Sharing Concepts
In this chapter you will learn some important concepts regarding creating and sharing digital content online. This is the first step of becoming a digital citizen!


DCIM Basics Chapter4
Chapter 4: Be Mature in Social Networking
This chapter will teach you the Best Practices of social networking and technical features associated with them. You will also learn about the safety, precautions & netiquettes necessary with social networking, especially Facebook.
DCIM Basics Chapter5
Chapter 5: Learn Professional Networking Basics
This chapter will tell you how professional networking is different from social networking. It will teach you some very important things about using Linkedin for the advantage of your career.
DCIM Basics Chapter6
Chapter 6: Learn to Discuss on Online Forums
In this chapter you will learn what online forums are and how to differentiate between good and bad forums, amongst millions found on Internet. You'll also learn the best practices and netiquettes of using forums.


DCIM Basics Chapter7
Chapter 7: Learn Smart Blogging to Express Yourself
This chapter will explain you the importance of writing blog articles and its technicalities. You'll learn smart ways of planning a blog article embedding content from different websites into your blog.
DCIM Basics Chapter8
Chapter 8: Learn to Find Knowledge in the Ocean of Information
This chapter will teach you how to find trustworthy & up-to-date knowledge, by avoiding all the 'content pollution' on Internet. You'll also learn to build your personal knowledge library.
DCIM Basics Chapter9
Chapter 9: Attend the Super Campus of Learning
This chapter will help you discover the world of OCWs (Open Courseware) and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) which the best educational resources online. You'll also learn to make their best use in your academics.


DCIM Basics Chapter10
Chapter 10: Follow Online Safety Rules
This chapter will explain you all types of online threats & dangers. You'll learn hands-on ways to avoid those threats through a safety mantra "FAST CAR & Secret Location".
DCIM Basics Chapter11
Chapter 11: Be an Ethical & Responsible Digital Citizen
In this chapter you will learn the importance of being an ethical & responsible digital citizen. You'll also learn how your own careless actions online can land you in trouble.


DCIM Basics Chapter12
Chapter 12: Create a Positive Online Reputation
In this chapter you will learn what is online reputation and why is it extremely important, and how it impacts your personal & professional life. You'll also get many important tips to manage your online reputation.
DCIM Basics Chapter13
Chapter 13: Be a Winner in the Real & Digital World
You will learn the "Win-Win Way of Life" for the 21st century in this chapter. It's all about becoming a master of Internet tools, not a slave. You'll learn to avoid Internet addiction and become successful in real and virtual life.