The WISE recognizes our Digital Citizenship effort!

Another satisfying experience! The World Innovation Summit for Education by Qatar Foundation has recognized our efforts and published our project "Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity in Schools of India" on their website! You are welcome to check it out there:

What is Internet Maturity of an Organization?

Just like individuals, organizations are also Internet "users". Internet Maturity of an organization is reflected in its policies and approach towards dealing with business processes which involve use of Internet, as explained below.

66A has gone, but rules of Online Reputation stay the same!

Section 66A of India IT Act has gone! Personally I am very happy and even more hopeful for future of Indian democracy, and so are all other digital citizens of India. That's because Internet is THE TOOL for mass participation in 21st century. Be it a school, a company or a nation, the stakeholders will participate in day-to-day affairs primarily through Internet. 

Internet Maturity - Critical for 21st Century Students

Education visionaries often say this to schools to remind us of our big challenge – “How will you prepare the children of Today, to solve the problems of Tomorrow, by teaching them the concepts of Yesterday?”. One of the most important factors of 21st century life (both personal & professional) is Internet. It has a big influence in our lives today, but it will have a much bigger influence & interference tomorrow. For our children, Internet can become a big strength or a serious weakness. It can give them the best of opportunities or the worst of threats. Therefore INTERNET MATURITY is one skill which is absolutely essential for the personal welfare, quality of academics and career growth of students in 21st century. It enables them to: 1. Make the BEST use of Internet in education. 2. Avoid the negative effects of Internet. 3. Get ready for a 21st century career.