Online Course - Digital Citizenship and Internet Maturity - Basic

Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity - Basics

Course Objective: To gain in-depth understanding of all the important topics of Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity. Thereby:
  • utilize the power of Internet for your education and self-learning
  • protect yourself and your family from the threats & dangers of Internet
  • become a mature & ethical digital citizen
Course Contents
DCIM Basics Chapter1
Chapter 1: Introduction: What is Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity?
DCIM Basics Chapter2
Chapter 2: What is 'Web 2.0'?
DCIM Basics Chapter3
Chapter 3: Content Creation & Sharing Concepts
DCIM Basics Chapter4
Chapter 4: Be Mature in Social Networking
DCIM Basics Chapter5
Chapter 5: Learn Professional Networking Basics
DCIM Basics Chapter6
Chapter 6: Learn to Discuss on Online Forums
DCIM Basics Chapter7
Chapter 7: Learn Smart Blogging to Express Yourself
DCIM Basics Chapter8
Chapter 8: Learn to Find Knowledge in the Ocean of Information
DCIM Basics Chapter9
Chapter 9: Attend the Super Campus of Learning
DCIM Basics Chapter10
Chapter 10: Follow Online Safety Rules
DCIM Basics Chapter11
Chapter 11: Be an Ethical & Responsible Digital Citizen
DCIM Basics Chapter12
Chapter 12: Create a Positive Online Reputation
DCIM Basics Chapter13
Chapter 13: Be a Winner in the Real & Digital World

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