By Raghu Pandey on 07/12/2017

Why Telecom Companies Must Promote Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity

Telecom sector in India is transitioning from being voice driven to data driven. What this means is that initially (1990s to 2010) majority of usage and hence revenues for telecom companies came from voice calls and today it comes from data services. Even voice calls are being delivered over data channels. 
By Raghu Pandey on 05/10/2016

What is Internet Maturity of an Organization?

Just like individuals, organizations are also Internet "users". Internet Maturity of an organization is reflected in its policies and approach towards dealing with business processes which involve use of Internet, as explained below.
By Raghu Pandey on 23/09/2015

Panel Discussion on Digital Citizenship at Education Leadership Conference 2015 (Delhi)

You are most welcome to watch the panel discussion on importance of Digital Citizenship in schools among Raghu Pandey, Dr. Amlan Saha (Principal, The Sanskaar Valley School) and Mr. Utkarsh Lokesh (Founder,
By Raghu Pandey on 23/09/2015

Billabong High International School, Bhopal, embraces Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity

Schools are where real action on Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity should happen! This time the real action has happened at The Billabong High International School, Bhopal! They have included DCIM in their curriculum for classes 6th onwards and will be the first school in India to certify their students on the same. You are welcome to read the news update - Billabong sets the trend for DCIM certification in India.
By Raghu Pandey on 10/08/2015

The WISE recognizes our Digital Citizenship effort!

Another satisfying experience! The World Innovation Summit for Education by Qatar Foundation has recognized our efforts and published our project "Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity in Schools of India" on their website! You are welcome to check it out there:
By Raghu Pandey on 25/04/2015

My Book Reviewed on

I am happy to share with all that a nice review of my book "Become an iMature Student" has been published on 
By Raghu Pandey on 21/04/2015

नेट न्यूट्रालिटी को समझो और एक्शन लो! #SaveTheInternet

"नेट न्यूट्रालिटी" आखिर है क्या ? 
By Raghu Pandey on 24/03/2015

66A has gone, but rules of Online Reputation stay the same!

Section 66A of India IT Act has gone! Personally I am very happy and even more hopeful for future of Indian democracy. That's because Internet is THE TOOL for mass participation in 21st century. Be it a school, a company or a nation, the stakeholders will participate in day-to-day affairs primarily through Internet. 
By Raghu Pandey on 10/03/2015

"Internet Maturity" explains it better than "Digital Citizenship"... Always!

So thats my conclusion after the umpteenth session in a school with students and teachers. When I try to explain the same set of concepts under the title "Digital Citizenship" the audience stares at me blankly. But when I use the title "Internet Maturity" I can see (and hear) that they are present in the same room with me. 
By Raghu Pandey on 07/03/2015

"Become an iMature Student" is Now a Textbook on Digital Citizenship!

Of course I am excited :) The Sanskaar Valley School, Bhopal, has decided to include Digital Citizenship & Internet maturity in their curriculum from this academic year. They have chosen my book "Become an iMature Student" as the textbook for the course for classes 6th and above. It was an 'author's delight' moment when the first lot of books was delivered to one of the best schools in central India.

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