Amazing online courses for you to master Digital Citizenship concepts and become Internet Mature!

5 General Courses

These 5 Online Courses allow you to learn DCIM at your convenience - your time, your device! These courses are specially designed to take you from basic to advanced levels of Internet maturity. And we are sure you won't get bored :) Go create Your BEST Out of Internet!


Designed for Students, Parents, Teachers and Professionals.

Online Course - Digital Citizenship and Internet Maturity - Basic

Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity - Basics

Online Course - Manage your digital footprints and build your online reputation

Manage Your Digital Footprints & Build Your Online Reputation


Online Course - Collaboration and Team Work through Internet

Collaboration & Team Work Through Internet

Online Course - Smart Knowledge Searching and protecting your brain online

Smart Knowledge Searching & Protecting Your Brain Online

Online Course - Cyber Laws and Ethics

Cyber Laws & Ethics

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